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Hiring a Wedding Planner, Part II

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What will a wedding consultant do to make your wedding wonderful and worry-free?


What does a wedding consultant do?
  1. At the first consultation you will discuss your individual style, your ideas and wishes. This will be an introduction for both of you, and you will be able to look over her portfolio. You may discuss your budget, the wedding date, wedding and reception site, vendors, and any personal preferences that you may have. You may also plan a future meeting to interview vendors. During this consultation you will want to get a list of referrals.
  2. A wedding consultant will save valuable time in finding the right wedding vendors for the right price. She will have access to experienced, proven vendors in every field. Part of her job will be negotiating a price that will fit your budget. Her expertise will ensure that you will have the wedding of your dreams at the price you can afford. She also will be your advocate with vendors and review contracts and details to ensure your best interests.
  3. She will work with you to develop the overall theme of your wedding. The two of you will create your wedding color palette.. If you like, she may even help you shop for your wedding dress. It really is up to you how involved you want your wedding consultant to be. If you live in a different city from your family and friends you may need to rely heavily on a coordinator. Likewise, if you have a contingent of helpers available you may not need your coordinator to be as heavily involved. It’s important to think about what you can realistically accomplish between your engagement and wedding day.
  4. On your wedding day, the consultant will help you dress. She will ensure the day moves smoothly and coordinate the vendors.

The wedding consultant is employed by you, not the vendors or other professionals. She takes your best interests to heart.

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