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Candle Wedding Centerpiece-2 in 1 Candle Pedestal

Ooh, we’re excited about this white pedestal and sleeve for a romantic candle wedding centerpiece! You’ll love how the candle light sparkles through the leaf pattern cut outs in the sleeve. The glowing scented candles will impart enticing aromas during your reception or event.


candle wedding centerpiece

The 2 in 1 pedestal set is a charming option for a candle wedding centerpiece for your reception or rehearsal dinner.

candle wedding centerpiece

The 2 in 1 stand and sleeve can be used as a set or separately.

Candle Wedding Centerpiece

You can stack the pedestal and sleeve or use them separately. Either way, they are excellent options for a candle wedding centerpiece.

After your wedding reception you can give the candle sets to your guests (don’t forget to keep a few for yourself to decorate your table for your next dinner party or set up for a romantic evening with your new hubby!).

The set is approximately 7 1/2″ high X 4 1/4″ wide (stacked together) and made from metal. The sleeve has a solid bottom. The candles have a 30 hour burn time.

The boutique-style candle and pedestal set are normally priced at $19.99 each, but they are currently on sale for only $10.99. The price includes the candle and pedestal. Now, that’s a value!

The candle wedding centerpiece will harmonize with any wedding theme, style, or color. If white is not your preferred color you can easily spray paint the set to accommodate your color scheme.

The candles are infused with intoxicating scents. Choose from:

  • Sparkling Champagne Candle
  • Sparkling Lemondade Candle
  • Tropical Sunshine Candle
  • Passion Punch Candle
  • Coconut Colada Candle

Avon by Terry Pruitt

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