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Let’s Discuss the Wedding Dress

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wedding-dressBridal shops in the Dallas and Fort Worth area have thousands of wedding gowns to choose from, making it a seemingly overwhelming task. We’ve put together a few tips on choosing the perfect wedding dress so read on to find out how.

If this isn’t your first wedding it’s still okay to wear a white wedding dress. Many brides who get remarried feel as if they shouldn’t wear traditional white, but this is an outdated custom. You’re as special as you were the first time you got married so go ahead and wear that white gown proudly!

Summer time weddings are hot in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Synthetic fabrics tend to be much warmer than natural fabrics so keep that in mind when selecting your wedding dress. Most fabrics like silks and satins work year round, but there are some that may be too hot or cold depending on the season.

For example, a velvet wedding dress would be an inappropriate choice for summer, but great for winter. A bridal shop consultant will be able to tell you which fabrics are best for seasonal weddings.

Wedding Dresses can be found in shades of white, cream, ivory or even color. Gowns with multi-colors and partial colors are also becoming popular because of celebrity brides who have worn them.


Some bridal shops in the Dallas Fort Worth area require an appointment so you will want to call ahead. Another great way to see your favorite dresses is to attend a trunk show. A trunk show is when a wedding dress designer brings in his/her line of dresses, veils, and headpieces to try on. This is a great way to try on a line of dresses that you particularly like. You can also get great advice from the designer and bridal shop consultant. Bridal shop, dress manufacturers, and designers’ websites will have dates for upcoming bridal events in the Dallas and Fort Worth area. It is recommended that you make an appointment in the off-peak hours if you can. The store will be less crowded and it will be more relaxing for you.

Ideally you’ll want to start shopping for your wedding dress 9-12 months before the wedding. If you need it much sooner you can purchase a readymade gown and have it altered. No matter if you are purchasing a readymade or custom gown it is a great idea to shop at a bridal ship. Bridal shop salespeople are founts of knowledge, and can help you choose the right gown while saving a lot of money and time.

The bridal shop consultant will want to know the theme and formality of your wedding. This will help them choose an appropriate wedding dress for the occasion. You can show her pictures of gowns you like, but be open-minded to her suggestions as well. You never know what a gown will look like on you until you try it on. With this in mind, try on a variety of different sizes and styles. Always have a price range in mind so you don’t end up overspending.

If you find a dress you absolutely love, but it’s out of your price range, consider cutting back on other parts of your wedding. You should buy a dress that you love!


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Most brides go shopping with their mother and members of the bridal party. This if a fun event, but can be stressful too. They will all have their opinions about what they think looks best. It’s okay to listen to them, but at the end of the day you are the one getting married. Never let anyone talk you into a gown you don’t absolutely love.

Be patient and try on several styles. Some brides love the first wedding dress they try on. Be careful not to purchase too quickly. If you find a dress you love give it at least 24 hours to think about it. There have been many overzealous brides who have purchased dresses they ended up not liking.

Bring the undergarments that you will be wearing when trying on gowns. The bridal shop may have these items on hand while you are trying on dresses so you don’t have to buy them before you have chosen your gown. A great source for bustiers and wedding dress lingerie is The Maddox Shop in Dallas.

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Anonymously Yours sells preowned and sample wedding dresses in Dallas.

Bring your mother or maid of honor to the fitting to learn how to bustle your train. My wedding dress had an elastic band on the inside of the train so I could wrap the band around my wrist. It was very convenient. Your dress may come with a band or have one put in when you have your alterations done.

Wedding Dress Sizing

Most wedding dress manufacturers make their gowns 2-3 sizes smaller than your normal size. Many brides are tempted to order their regular size, betting on the fact that they will lose weight. Betting on losing weight is a risky proposition, and can add a lot of undue stress. It is better to start with a dress that is a little too big because it can be taken in. Buying a dress that is too small may not be able to be altered.

The bridal shop consultant will take your measurements and match them up to the designer’s size chart. Make sure to go back into the bridal shop shortly before the wedding to try on the dress again.

Custom Wedding Dress

Dallas- Fort Worth has some wonderful fabric stores with very knowlegable staff if you are considering having your gown custom made. Fabrique Fashions carry some of the most beautiful satins, silks, laces, trims and other fabric. Owner Lora Simonds and her staff are all experienced sewers and designers. As I have ventured into the sewing world myself, they have been wonderful to work with. If you are considering making your own veil, they offer a class “How to Make A Veil” class. They can also refer you to a qualified seamstress that can create the wedding dress and veil of your dreams.

You may also want to consider Joann’s and Hancock’s. They have wedding dress and bridesmaid fabric in stock as well as special order fabric and trims.

Inquire about seamstresses at the fabric stores. Any quality seamstress will have a portfolio you can see beforehand. Always ask for references. A quality seamstress can sew a gown from a pattern, design one from a picture, or create one.


Find one-of-a-kind bridal appliques and trims to make a sash for your wedding dress at Fabrique Fashion Fabrics in Plano.

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