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4 Tips to Get That Bridal Glow On Your Wedding Day

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You absolutely want to look your best on your wedding day as the beautiful bride. There are lots going on and plenty to do as far as organization goes, but you mustn’t lose sight of the most important thing and that is the wedding day itself.

Tips to Get That Bridal Glow On Your Wedding Day


It’s easy to get lost in the build-up, which can result in you losing your glow when it’s most important. So, to make sure that you spend your big day complete with that bridal glow, we’ve put together some simple pointers that can go a long way to helping you achieve this goal.

Enjoy the benefits of exercise

You might think that this first point is a crazy one given how much time you’ll have on hands, or lack of it. However, the upsides related to staying physically active, not just in the run-up to the wedding, but in general, are plenty.

Don’t allow anything to block your route to exercise because not only will exercise aid in helping you to look physically healthy, it can also do wonders to assist in staving off those jitters and little anxious niggles that you might encounter.

Just set aside half an hour each day to get some exercise done. Thirty minutes is less than 3% of your day, and when the benefits include a reduction in the risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, some cancers, strengthened bones and muscles, as well as improved mental health and mood.

Sound sleep is just what you need

This will no doubt be music to your ears, as you’ll be tired a lot when you’re planning arguably the most important day of your life. So, we know sleep is vital and it’s important, but why?

The Sleep Advisor website, along with a vast range of other informative websites support the fact that adults require between seven and nine hours of sleep each evening. Therefore, don’t let your sleep lessen as the run-up to the wedding approaches; this will interrupt your internal body clock and has the ability to leave you feeling out of sorts and appearing tired or rundown.

One of the most useful ways to bring about sound slumber, which of course, is the restorative and rejuvenation phase for mind and body, is to ensure your bedroom space is a sleep-inducing haven. Studies show that your bedroom should include in order to achieve a high-quality state of sleep:  

  •      Your room should be dark
  •      Your room should be quiet and tidy
  •      Your room should have a temperature of between 64 and 75 degrees.

These three basic elements combined will bring optimum sleep for the beautiful bride-to-be.

Looking good with fluids

A big part of keeping that glowing appearance is to keep yourself hydrated. Water is positively brimming with essential functional benefits for your body.  

The profits of drinking water (between 5 and 8 cups a day as recommended by the NHS) include that much-wanted, glowing skin. You can also look forward to better digestion and weight loss.

Staying hydrated with water will undoubtedly result in you feeling better in yourself too and this is a big thing when you’re looking to fully enjoy your wedding while looking your best.

*Top tip: Make sure that you drink some water on your wedding day. This is probably best done between the alcoholic drinks or you could well be leaving your own special day a lot sooner than you’d like when you need to lie down for 40 winks!

Keep the sugar at bay

You might be keen to get the ice cream on the go with the girls when you’re prepping for the wedding and doing all the organizing, but avoid sugar as much as possible.

If you don’t, the artificial sugar you’re consuming might cause you to end up with unwanted breakouts; This is the cause of the sugar spiking your insulin levels, which brings about inflammation in your body. When your body is inflamed, it produces proteins that act to break down elastin and collagen which assist in helping your skin look on top form.  

The last thing you want is spots on your face on your wedding day, so, to help you stay on looking like a perfect princess, you should be aiming to keep on the healthy side of things by choosing fruit instead of sweets and other snacks that contain artificial sugar.

Fruit offers natural sugars that are really just wonderful at cutting out those pesky cravings that might be lurking to distract you and throw you off track. What’s more, fruit, as well as vegetables for that matter, offer you the additional fibre, vitamins and minerals that will support you in looking and feeling your finest on your special day.

Our thanks to Sarah Cummings for her tips on looking your best on your wedding day.

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