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Helpful Tips on Selecting a Wedding Photographer

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selecting a wedding photographer

According to our Checklist select your photographer 9-12 months before your wedding. According to the average wedding photographer rates in DFW are between $1,417 – $2,361. Higher end wedding photographers rates can reach between $2,834 – $3,778+. Generally, when selecting a wedding photographer it is not a good idea to enlist a friend or relative who is a bit of a photog; high cost does not necessarily indicate quality or reliability either. A photographer’s website features his/her best work so it’s best not to rely solely on it in choosing a photographer.  The internet is a good way to pare down photographers whose style matches yours. Browse Real Weddings on the internet and in magazines. Meet with photographers in person and view their wedding portfolios. Make sure they show you their work from the beginning of weddings to the end. By doing this you can get a good idea of their expertise.

When looking at a photographer’s portfolio there are several points to consider. Is the lighting good? Are the candid shots as good and interesting as the posed photographs? Are the pictures clear and and crisp? How is the composition of the photographs-even though a photo is a candid it needs to be framed well. Do the photos capture the emotion of the event or do people look stiff and uncomfortable? Another aspect to consider in selecting a wedding photographer is to notice if the weddings look the same or is the photographer capturing the essence of each bride and groom in a unique way?

Equally important as style and price is your compatibility with the photographer. Is the photographer passionate about his or her work? Does he/she show a personal interest in your vision? If there is anything about the photographer that annoys you or makes you feel uncomfortable look elsewhere. Small annoyances during a consultation can become big annoyances on your wedding day. Your photographer is your shadow on your special day so make sure the two of you have a good rapport. Selecting a wedding photographer who matches your style and budget can be challenging, but with the right research I am confident you will find the photographer perfect for you!

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