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Tips and Tricks To Saving Money On Your Wedding Flowers

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We all know that weddings are expensive. A wedding requires a lot of flowers and the cost can be shocking. You can have beautiful wedding florals for your wedding for much less if you follow these simple tips and hacks.

saving money on your wedding flowers

Choosing flowers in season can help you save money on wedding flowers.

Before you plan the flowers, there are other things that you should consider.

What colors are the bridesmaids gowns?

  • If you are wearing a blushing pink wedding dress or a blushing pink bridal gown, you need less embellishment with flowers.
  • Instead of buying flowers for every chair or pew that lines the aisle, consider ribbons, greenery, and a single flower. This is really easy if you select at least one flower for the bouquets that have larger blooms.
saving money on your wedding flowers

Using fresh lavender with a wide ribbon tied around it is another to save on your wedding flowers. Plus it has a wonderful fragrance!

Tips to keep your flower expenses down

  • Be up front with your florist about your budget
  • Stay away from flowers that have to be ordered and shipped in; they will be very pricey. Use flowers that are normally in season and ideally, grown locally.
  • If you are going with a pink or pastel colored gown, look around the area for ideas. If there are fields of lavender in the area, ask the owners of you can clip a few. Fresh lavender smells great and all you would need is to wrap a wide ribbon around the lavender.
  • Do not immediately discount the use of any flower. There are many flowers that may not be your first choice but will work well as a fill-in flower.
  • Tell your florist if you want a particular flower to stand out but the entire arrangement doesn’t have to be made of that flower. For example, you may want fully opened white roses, but you do not have the budget for the entire arrangement to be roses. Let them select some smaller flowers to mix with the greenery, making the roses stand out. Give them the opportunity to try.
  • Watch for delivery fees and additional service fees. Most of the time you can pick the flowers up. They will be packaged to stay fresh. Sometimes this is not recommended for particular flowers. Just ask.
  • Use flowers as centerpieces at the wedding reception. This allows you to get more for your money.

saving money on your wedding flowers

Remember that flowers are your florist’s speciality. Don’t be talked into something you don’t want, but listen to the suggestions of your florist. They are trained to create unique and beautiful wedding bouquets. They can be a wealth of information.

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Final thoughts

The wedding bouquet and all flowers play a big role in the wedding ceremony and reception. Visit 3 or 4 florists before you make a final decision. Choose one who complements your ideas and captures your vision.

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