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Questions to ask a Wedding Photographer

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Trust me on this, your wedding day will go by like a blur. It will be filled with joyous tears, laughter and smiles. Your wedding photos are permanent mementos of your day, so spending time researching wedding photographers will be time well spent. Here are the questions to ask a Wedding Photographer.

Questions to Ask a Wedding Photographer

According to the average cost for a wedding photographer is $1,248 – $2,080 and can go as high as $3,328+ for a highly experienced photographer. Professional wedding photography is not cheap, but a high price does not guarantee great photos either. Your best bet is to spend time with the photographer, review his/her portfolio, and get referrals. We have asked three of the best wedding photographers in the Metroplex what you should know before hiring a photographer.

1) Julie Alzaitoun Photography

Questions to ask a Wedding Photographer

Julie Alzaitoun Photography

This is probably the first time you have had to hire a photographer for an event and the first question a bride will ask is, “How much do you charge?” Of course with today’s economy price is a huge factor but here are a few other things to consider when hiring someone to photograph one of the most important days in your life.

1. When you first contacted the photographer either via phone or email, did they answer or get back to you within a timely manner?

2. Was the photographer friendly and eager to help you?

3. If you set up a consultation, was the photographer on time and prepared for your visit?

4. Did the photographer have plenty of sample albums with FULL weddings in them to show you? This is extremely important as anyone can get a great shot now and then so I would be a bit worried if they do not have complete weddings in their albums from start to finish.

5. You will be spending more time with the photographer than anyone else on your wedding day so it is important that you have a great rapport with them and your personalities match.

If all 5 of these items fit your expectations, the next step is to look at products and pricing. In this market you can probably find a photographer from $500 to $5000. Most clients will fall somewhere in the middle. A good photographer will work within the client’s budget to the best of their ability. It is recommended to be up front with your photographer and tell them how much you have to spend on photography and what you would like as far as products and services, this way they can create a package fit specifically for you.

With that said, there are many other factors a photographer has to consider when quoting you a price. Not only are working the hours listed for bridals, engagements or your wedding day, there are many many hours of editing each image for the client. An average wedding might take 20 hours to edit. After the post processing has been finished there is uploading, album layouts and constant emails and phone calls. Weddings take months to close out. All of this time is averaged into your package. A good rule of thumb is your wedding photography should be about 20% of your wedding budget. If you are going to splurge a little, you should do so on your photography. After all, that is all you will have to remember your big day!

2) Xanzo Gallery

Questions to ask a Wedding Photographer

Xanzo Gallery

One of the most important tips in selecting a photographer for your wedding day is to find someone with whom you connect with, from the images you see on their website to your first consultation with them. Their personality, style, and presentation of albums all go a long way to painting the picture of the kind of service you will receive from them throughout your time working together. You will also need to find those photographers who are in your budget, or who can design packages to meet your needs. Your wedding photographer is creating once in a lifetime images at the beginning of your new life with your partner. When you have that perfect match with your photographer, it will add a new level of excitement to your special day!

You can reach the husband and wife team Xavier & Patrice DeLaPaz at 817.881.9131 or visit Xanzo Photography.

3) George Troup Photography

Questions to ask a Wedding Photographer

George Troup Photography

 When it comes to photographers, you will want to spend a large portion of your budget on getting one of the best! If you don’t have a great photographer, you’re not going to get great pictures. After all, those pictures will last a lifetime. Also, a good idea is to have two photographers, because of different shooting angles and backup security. But perhaps the most important is to visit the studio, check out the albums and talk to the photographers personally.

George and Lydia Troup may be reached at 972.234.0646 or visit their website George Troupe Photography.

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