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Portable Video Booth from SpeechBooth

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SpeechBooth portable video booth rental is only $599, but your wedding memories are priceless! Relive the most emotional moment of your lives again & again.

Lindsay and Brandon’s Wedding! from SpeechBooth on Vimeo.

Portable Video Booth from SpeechBooth


In terms of ease of use, portability, quality, editing, and $599 price tag, SpeechBooth is about the niftiest portable video booth rental company around! In fact, their unique set-up does not require a booth at all.

Due to its portability, the wedding video booth rental can be used indoors or outside, weather permitting, pretty much anywhere you want.

And you don’t need an attendant, wifi, or electrical cord. The genius of the SpeechBooth wedding video booth rental is its simplicity for you.

The only no-no is to not place the microphone right in the path of loudspeakers, DJs, or live bands. SpeechBooth editors do have a limited ability to clean up audio in the editing process.

Weddings are instrumental in bringing far-flung family and friends together. A video recording is a golden opportunity for them to share deeply-felt thoughts and feelings with you, your groom and families.

Guests have been known to sing, dance, perform movie scenes…you name it. Sometimes married couples even leave surprise messages to each other!

portable video booth

The portable video booth is a snap to set up!

How about the Sound Quality?
We’ve all watched videos with poor sound quality or microphone static. (You know. “Uh? What did he say? I couldn’t understand.”) SpeechBooth ensures a great vocal experience with their professional handheld microphone with proprietary digital connection. The digital connection eliminates common audio interference occurring from cell phones and electricity. Additionally, they offer an optional clip-on microphone.

The SpeechBooth portable video booth includes built-in lighting. Even in dark or light rooms, faces are well-lit. There are no unflattering shadows on faces. Details are kept sharp.

Camera Placement
Obviously, you want guests to look directly into the camera while speaking. SpeechBooth’s HD camera is embedded right where guests will look. Their app interface provides guidance for the guest to look directly into the camera for a perfectly posed speech.

Step-by-Step Game Plan for the SpeechBooth Portable Wedding Video Booth

  1. Thirty to 500 days before your wedding, rehearsal dinner or event reserve the portable video booth from SpeechBooth. Provide bride and groom’s names, wedding date, and shipping address.
  2. The pros at SpeechBooth customize your video booth including a personalized SpeechBooth app with the wedding couple’s first names.
  3. Two to three days before your wedding, your SpeechBooth kit arrives in an easy-to-carry box with handle. All the necessary gear including tripod, mic, HD light, sign, and iPad with custom app are kept in the lightweight box, weighing less than 10 pounds.
  4. Set up the portable video booth anywhere in the venue. The SpeechBooth can be stationary throughout the night, but since it is portable you have the option to move it to correspond with the night’s festivities. The self-contained kit needs no attendant, wifi, or power cord. Just turn it on and record!
  5. Your family and guests are ready to leave loving, heartfelt, stirring, and hilarious speeches.
  6. Return couldn’t be easier. Break down SpeechBooth and put it back in the box. Stick the included FedEx return label on the box and ship.
  7. Upon receipt of your wedding video booth, their expert editing team gets to work. They create an online user account just for you and upload the videos.
  8. You receive all raw speeches and two compilation videos. The first compilation video contains all of the speeches edited and set to music. This video can be 15-60 minutes long (or more). The second video is a highlight reel – 60-90 seconds long. It includes the best footage for you to share with everyone.
  9. Sharing videos is easy. Just send links to people to view individual videos or post them to social media. There is no need to download the videos to DVDs.
portable video booth

Weighing less than 10 lbs, the portable video booth is easy to use. Capture heartfelt video messages from your wedding guests! SpeechBooth wedding video booth.

Wedding Video Booth Ideas
In addition to your wedding reception, there are other ideas for a wedding video booth.

Bride and Groom Messages
I love this idea! Imagine how much fun it would be for bride and groom to deliver private video messages for each other before the ceremony. The two of you can anticipate watching your messages in the initial download.

Rehearsal Dinner
The rehearsal dinner is the event before the event. It is a great time for guests to share their well-wishes with you.

Dance Floor
Since SpeechBooth’s video booth is completely portable, you can move it to the dance floor when things get revved up. Put the mic in your guests hands and capture their singing and dancing. Everyone will be in-stitches!

In 2014, SpeechBooth mailed their first video booth. Today, that number exceeds 10,000. Their goal is to help you preserve all the sights and sounds of your once-in-a-lifetime day!

Contact SpeechBooth (They will respond in 24 hours)

403 Highland Ave
Suite 201
Somerville, MA 02144

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