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J.Hilburn Dallas-Custom Men’s Clothing – Shorts, Jeans to Formal Wear

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This is a true story. Magnar Solberg would lie down on a fire ant hill. Erupting from the ground below, the burning-mad ants swarmed all over his body including his face. He did this repeatedly. Why?

J.Hilburn Dallas

Left: J.Hilburn Dallas has one of the best 5 pocket pants collection. Right: Wear luxurious custom cashmere outerwear for many years without breaking the bank.

J.Hilburn Dallas-Custom Men’s Clothing

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Magnar Solberg was an Olympic biathlon competitor. It is a grueling sport combining cross-country skiing and rifle shooting. This brutal regimen was part of his training. He lied down on the ant hill during target practice. The goal ? Train him to put all distractions, however painful, out of his mind.

In my experience, if that training regimen and clothes shopping were set side by side many men would prefer the ant raid! I know this is exaggeration, but for many men clothes shopping is almost as bad. (By the way the training worked because Solberg won two successive Oympic gold medals).

The truth is everyone wants to look good. And there may not be a more meaningful time for a guy to look and feel most handsome than during his engagement, wedding day, and honeymoon.

So, what does this story have to do with J.Hilburn Dallas Clothing? For more than a decade, they have flipped men’s clothing switch from drudgery to enjoyment.

They custom-design men’s clothes that match your body, personality, and lifestyle. By working directly with your personal stylist, they provide second to none custom-made clothing at best-in-class prices.

100% Fit Guarantee
J.Hilburn’s Dallas mission is to offer exceptional custom men’s clothing with a 100% guaranteed fit minus unnecessary mark-ups. Don’t you love working with companies who genuinely stand behind their products? Their guarantee straight from their website is: “If you are not 100% satisfied with the fit or performance of your J.Hilburn purchase, please return or exchange it.”

Hassle-free Experience
Buy a pair of great men’s jeans or complete your entire wardrobe from shorts to custom shirts to formal wear. The J.Hilburn Dallas stylist is an essential element. This is where Angie Burkett comes in. This fashion dynamo is eager to help you look your best!

At your convenience, Angie meets with you to talk about your needs and preferences. She takes 12 essential measurements to create your personal fit profile. Then, she will introduce you to their collection of premium fabrics, styling, and personalization options to create your custom clothing. In a few weeks, Angie personally delivers your attire and ensures that you are completely satisfied with the fit.

As J.Hilburn has one of the best men’s clothing websites you can easily preview your options.

Best 5 Pocket Pants
J.Hilburn Dallas has one of the best 5 pocket pants collection. It features over 50 casual to semi-dressy pants with a wide color palette.

Fabrics includes cashmere blends, tweed, regular and heavyweight twill, brushed cotton, performance, soft french terry, corduroy, and softly sueded Italian made fabric. The wool/cashmere blend 5 pocket pants fabric is made by Tollegno.

If you are a frequent traveler or plan to travel on your honeymoon I suggest you check out J.Hilburn’s Performance pant. It might be one of the best men’s travel pants for long flights. The lightweight stretch polyester fabric delivers the perfect combination of a relaxed fit with smart styling. The pants are rain resistant so if you are a golfer these pants are a hole-in-one! Performance pants come in navy, grey, taupe, white, and black.

So as you prepare for the biggest day of your life do yourself a favor and check out J.Hilburn Dallas. Their service is stressless and you will look great for your bride.

Call, text or email  for your complimentary appointment
Angie Burkett
Personal Stylist & Image Consultant
J.Hilburn Dallas

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