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How to Plan a Destination Wedding, Part II

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In our first post on how to plan a destination wedding we discussed the details of planning a wedding away. Website links to companies specializing in destination weddings were provided.

How to Plan a Destination Wedding, Part II

Read How to Plan a Destination Wedding, Part I.
Today, we are posting 5 essential questions you and your fiancé need to ask when planning a wedding away.

  1. Time: How long do you plan to stay at your destination? Are you looking at a long weekend or an extended stay with honeymoon? More than likely, this decision will affect your wedding budget. A longer stay may mean a decreased budget for the wedding itself while a shorter time will allot for a larger wedding budget. You and your fiancé need to decide which is most important to you.

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  2. When? What time of the year do you want to get married? Each season has its benefits and drawbacks. If you go off-season you can save big on airfare and accommodations. Your guests will appreciate the lighter financial load. On the other hand, there is an off-season for a reason. This brings us to the third point.
  3. Weather: Research the weather for the time of year you plan to wed. The temperature may be unbearably hot or humid. The area may be prone to hurricanes and tropical storms. It may be the time of year when mosquitos are out in full force.  These considerations are not meant to be deterrents, but things you’ll want to research for you and your guests comfort
  4. Where? Do you want to marry in the United States or abroad? Are you looking for a tropical destination or mountain top wedding experience? Search the internet for ideas. One of the best sources of information are the tourism bureaus of the city, state or country you are considering.

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  5. Laws and Regulation: There are rule? Yes, there are laws you need to abide by when marrying in another state or country. Here are some things you need to research before choosing a location. If you are planning on marrying in another state call the marriage license office in the town you will marry. Inquire about the regulations for getting married including birth certificates, health requirements, and proof of divorce, if applicable. If marrying abroad: Do you need a passport? Do you need to be a resident to get married there? Will the location recognize your marriage as being legal or is it a civil ceremony? Is there a waiting period? If so, how long? Do you need proof that you are divorced or married? Are blood tests required? Do you need documentation or paperwork from your church if you are having a religious ceremony?

With the right forethought and planning you can have a romantic destination wedding!

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