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Hiring a Wedding Planner

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Considering hiring a wedding planner? Read Part I of our three part article about the costs, responsibilities, and benefits of a wedding planner.

hiring wedding planner

Worry-free weddings don’t just happen! They are the result of an enormous amount of time spent researching and planning. Planning a wedding can be a daunting task or it can be a joyous endeavor. The bride of today may already have a career, a home and little time for organizing a wedding. The average wedding usually takes 200 + hours to plan, yet every bride wants an unforgettable wedding. As the old saying goes, “time is money” and the bride who hires a professional wedding planner will save time, and money.

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Why Hire a Wedding Planner?

Every bride-to-be envisions her wedding day as the day she marries the man of her dreams and the wedding of her dreams. Today’s bride can be overwhelmed with her busy schedule, work, possibly college and all the preparations for a wedding. She has expectations, but her mother and friends do too; not to mention the groom who may have his own ideas! How do you plan a wedding? Often a friend will recommend a wedding planner or consultant. But why would you need a wedding consultant? After all you have your mom, your mother-in-law to be, your friends, your aunts, your cousins, etc… Exactly! Whose wedding is it anyway? An experienced consultant will have the knowledge and creativity to create a wedding tailor-made for you. After all, it is your wedding.

What does a wedding consultant charge?

A wedding consultant is often the best spent money in your wedding. Many brides forgo the cost of the wedding consultant because they think they can not afford it. Surprisingly, it is quite affordable for almost any bride’s budget. Professional consulting may be a small percentage of your wedding costs or be billed by the job or the hour. You can expect to pay the wedding consultant 10 to 15% of the total cost of the wedding. Some wedding coordinators may bill by the hour or have a flat rate plus expenses. However, their connections with professional vendors will usually net you the savings of 10 to 15%, thereby, you will benefit from her services without paying more than if you tried to do without her valuable services. Often you actually save by using a wedding consultant! Today it may not be a luxury but a necessity for the bride and groom.

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