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Choosing Your Wedding Colors

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Selecting your wedding colors can be challenging, but I found a online interactive color tool that is very helpful. It is Adobe Kuler. Create wedding color palettes, explore thousands of color combinations created by other users, and save your favorite color palettes with this web app.

Search color palettes by theme, most popular, most used, and by keyword(s). If you find a palette you like, you have the option of saving and/or editing it.

fall wedding colors

Example of Fall Wedding Colors from Adobe Kuler.

summer wedding colors

Example of summer wedding colors from Adobe Kuler.

wedding colors radiant orchid

Color Palette using Pantone’s 2014 Color of the Year, Radiant Orchid. From Adobe Kuler.

Remember the one dimensional laminated color wheel you used in art class? Adobe Kuler has that too, but this wheel is dynamic-it remembers the rules and does all the work.  Select the color rule-analogous, complementary, triad etc and the color wheel shows harmonious palettes. An interactive dial on the color wheel allows you to change and view other colors within the chosen rule. The color wheel lists the CMYK, RGB, and HEX values. So let’s say you have chosen a color palette from this app and you are printing your own invitations. You can print your invitations using the exact color you want from your palette.

I think I have saved the best feature for last. Upload a photo and the app will show 5 harmonious colors represented by circles in the photograph. You can move the circles around to capture other color values. The app allows you to select color moods from the photograph such as bright, muted, deep, dark, and custom. Whether it’s in nature or at the mall, take a shot of color combos you like, upload it and see what other colors are in harmony.

Check it out. I think you will like it.



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