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Dream Wedding Receptions, Part II

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In our 2nd post in our series of how to have a dream wedding reception, Sarah Walters of The Wildwood Inn shares her expertise:

picture of wildwood inn

The Wildwood Inn
Photo: Kate Leverenz

In my experience as owner of The Wildwood Inn, a wedding reception can never go wrong if it has the three “P’s”. The first “P” is the Professionals that the bride chooses to work with on her big day. The brides who do their due diligence and get reviews on all their vendors before hiring them are always the most confident in their choice. In addition, these brides are usually willing to spend a little bit more to find the right vendor; in other words, their focus is not solely on saving money, but on finding the best value and quality. Choosing the least expensive entertainment or photographer doesn’t seem like such a bargain after the event is over if the quality of the services delivered was lacking.

 The second “P” is Pedicures!! As soon as a bride books with The Wildwood Inn, I encourage them to enjoy the planning process. It’s so easy to get bogged down in all the details, so I tell them that if they are feeling stressed then they just need to grab their mom or a friend and have a pedicure. It’s important to take days “off” from thinking and talking about the wedding to refocus on what’s most important: relationships and the reason they are getting married in the first place…Love! Usually after a day of some pampering, any bride is renewed and refreshed and armed with her wedding planning binder in hand again.

photo of wildwood inn

The Wildwood Inn garden and pool.
Photo: Julie Birdseye Photography

 Finally, the final “P” of a perfect reception is Personal Touches that reflect the unique style and personality of the happy couple. There are an overwhelming number of options available for brides when trying to come up with a theme or unique idea for the wedding. Whether it be the menu, favors, centerpieces, or an activity for the guests to do, I recommend that the bride just choose one or two ideas that go along with her theme and then ignore anything else. For example, one of our recent brides chose “Vintage” as her theme. She had a restored type-writer out in the foyer, so the guests could punch in a message to the couple. The guests had so much fun trying to type on the old-style keys. She also had a photo booth with old western saloon style props and clothes that the guests could don for their pictures. After the wedding, the photos were uploaded to a website for the guests and newlyweds to enjoy. These two personal touches tied the brides theme together and made the occasion more memorable for everyone.

 The right planning always results in near flawless execution, so for the best reception possible I always recommend following the 3 “P’s” for an event that is Perfect! Happy planning…

wildwood inn reception

A newlywed couple share a kiss at their reception at the Wildwood Inn.

The Wildwood Inn is a European style boutique hotel and wedding venue in Denton. I have stayed at the Inn. The elegant and spacious rooms, facility, and grounds are scrumptious. The luscious grounds make it wonderful for an outdoor wedding. See more here.

I love the idea of the old typewriter for a vintage wedding. And how much fun would it be to have a photo booth with western props and clothes. That’s a sure way to build wedding memories for you and your guests!

Our thanks to Sarah for sharing her wedding ideas with us. They may be reached at 940-243-4919 or visit their website.

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